Celebrating decades of Glegg Manufacturing: three heritage church restorations

Celebrating decades of Glegg Manufacturing: three heritage church restorations

With over three decades of experience, we take immense pride in our contributions to preserving local culturally significant buildings.

Glegg Manufacturing in close partnership with NPS Commercial, helmed by Managing Director Mark Paterson, have collaborated on many heritage restorations throughout the years. The result?

Each restoration is a testament to our commitment to delivering superb, historically accurate results, honouring the past while ensuring the buildings can withstand the future.

Heritage church #1: Annerley Uniting Church

With a legacy that traces back to the 1920s, the Annerley Uniting Church stands as a cherished local landmark in the area.

Glegg Manufacturing lent our manufacturing expertise and NPS Commercial lent their boots on the ground, to restore this Interwar Gothic style timber church. 

We supplied galvanised Z600:

  • Roof sheeting
  • Gospel Oak roofing
  • Gutters
  • Flashings

Heritage church #2: St John’s Cathedral – The Deanery

Sitting within the grounds of St John’s Cathedral, this 1840s detached house has historical roots as Queensland’s first Government House, The Deanery (formerly Adelaide House) has seen generations of history unfold.

Glegg Manufacturing embraced the task of preserving this prestigious landmark with a pairing sure to stand the test of time: Z600 and custom manufactured heritage profiles to match the original sample.

For The Deanery, we supplied installers, NPS Commercial, Z600 in:

  • Two heritage roofing profiles: Custom Orb and Gospel Oak 
  • Custom-fit roofing sheets for the existing dormer windows
  • Gutters
  • Custom flashings

Due to the historic importance of the building, we worked closely  with Heritage Architect, Ivan McDonald, and it turned out just the way we wanted. Perfectly!

Heritage church #3: custom copper work

For a church on Brisbane’s southside, we recreated a copper ceiling vent. This vent was a significant undertaking, not just because of its size but it’s incredible detail and complex design. Measuring at 250mm wide, the vent ran along the full length of the church’s ceiling – a staggering 28 metres. NPS Commercials, were our trusted installer for this project.

For this project, we:

  • Reverse-engineered the original: Our team examined the original ceiling vent sample. This was our blueprint to create a custom tooling press.
  • Custom-tooling press: We created a die template to produce the exact same shape and look as the original sample. At this stage, we conducted thorough testing to ensure we were confident we had the perfect match. 
  • Production: -Once we were happy with the sample, we put it into production and make it in copper.

Reverse engineering is a common undertaking at Glegg Manufacturing. We take great pride in our ability to consistently replicate out-of-production profiles and one-of-a-kind heritage solutions.

Preserving Australia’s history: 30+ years of dedication and experience 

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