The Deanery restoration – reviving Brisbane’s architectural & political legacy

The Deanery: restoring Brisbane's architectual & polictical legacy

From the echoes of Government House to its current role as the home of the Dean, The Deanery (formerly Adelaide House) has witnessed a remarkable journey through Queensland’s political history. This significant property holds a place of honour as Queensland’s first Government House and the site where Queensland was proclaimed a colony.

Nestled within the sacred grounds of St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane, The Deanery, stands tall as a living testament to the past. With roots dating back to around 1853, the property rightfully earned its place on the Queensland Heritage Register in 1992.

Most recently, in 2016, the building underwent a restoration to preserve its significance. Learn more below.

A collaboration of dedication and passion for restoring heritage buildings

Embracing the responsibility to restore The Deanery to its former glory, Glegg Manufacturing embarked on a journey of preservation alongside Heritage Architect Ivan McDonald and NPS Commercial’s Managing Director, Mark Paterson.

As a seasoned Project Manager, Mark brings together a dedicated team of experts and ensures the right individuals are deployed to guarantee a restoration of uncompromising quality.

Glegg Manufacturing and Mark Patterson’s team at NPS Commercial share a longstanding partnership, collaborating closely in a majority of our hertiage restorations.

Adhering to the meticulous heritage listing guidelines, we worked hand in hand with the architect to supply materials that were compliant with the regulations as well as aesthetically accurate.

Murray (Managing Director of Glegg Manufacturing) consistently visited the site to oversee the installation and resolve any issues.

All in all, this was a collaborative effort rooted in passion and dedication to honouring the architectural heritage of The Deanery.

What we brought to The Deanery project: Z600 galvanised steel and custom craftsmanship

As always, Z600 galvanised steel was the material of choice, and in true Glegg Manufacturing fashion, every product is made to match its original counterpart. That’s the real goal with any heritage restoration: look the same, but new.

To achieve this, we specialise in custom manufacturing out-of-production profiles, and highly specific sheeting for heritage restorations.

For The Deanery, we fashioned Z600 into:

  • two heritage roofing profiles: Custom Orb and Gospel Oak
  • custom-fit roofing sheets for the existing dormer windows
  • gutters
  • custom flashings
2015 – Before (Image credit: NPS)
2017 – After (Image Credit: Heritage Branch Staff)
2017 – After (Image credit: Heritage Branch Staff)

Partner with Glegg Manufacturing for your heritage restoration project

The Deanery’s restoration project is just one example of our dedication to preserving history with precision and care.

If you have a cherished historical property that deserves preservation but needs some revival, reach out to us today.

Glegg Manufacturing is a high quality producer of Custom fabrication, General Sheet metal work  or Heritage listed matching or fabrication.

Offering friendly service, quality materials, great rates and industry knowledge like no others – we’re a fabrication team that cares about our product who goes above and beyond on every job.

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