Recreating heritage window hoods with Glegg Manufacturing

Recreating heritage window hoods with Glegg Manufacturing

Heritage window hoods hold a unique allure, adding character and elegance to historical buildings.

At Glegg Manufacturing, we take pride in our ability to accurately replicate these architectural gems, ensuring that the charm of the past is beautifully preserved. But how do we achieve such precision?

Firstly, we’ll need a sample of the original window hood

It all starts with accurate measurements, and for that, we require a sample.

While photos may capture some details, they often fall short in capturing the intricacies, angles, and nuances necessary for a faithful replication.

DIY measurements can also miss crucial specifications.

That’s why we invite you to provide us with a sample.

Deliver it to our warehouse, and our team will measure and analyse it meticulously to ensure nothing is missed.

Reverse engineering: CAD to manufacturing

Once we have the measurements, we move into the realm of reverse engineering, utilising CAD software.

Through CAD, we create detailed drawings that capture every intricate detail of the original window hood.

These drawings also allow us to break down the design into its individual components, which are then expertly cut using waterjet cutting.

The materials we can make window hoods with include:

  • Z600
  • Stainless steel
  • Colorbond
  • Zincalume
  • Copper

The final stage: window hoods assembly

The final stage is assembly, where our skilled craftsmen  carefully bring together each component with unwavering precision.

Employing time-honoured techniques such as joinery and soldering, we ensure an exact replication that captures the essence of the original window hood.

Choose Glegg for custom heritage window hoods

When it comes to custom heritage window hoods, Glegg Manufacturing stands out in an industry that has seen a gradual decline in skill levels and capabilities.

Our extensive experience and deep-rooted knowledge enable us to uphold the highest standards in heritage restoration and replication.

Trust us to breathe new life into your cherished historical property, ensuring that the legacy of its window hoods lives on for generations to come.

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Offering friendly service, quality materials, great rates and industry knowledge like no others – we’re a fabrication team that cares about our product who goes above and beyond on every job.

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