Recreating heritage rainwater heads: preserving the essence of the past

Recreating heritage rainwater heads: preserving the essence of the past.

Heritage rainwater heads play a vital role in both the functionality and aesthetics of historical buildings.

At Glegg Manufacturing, we pride ourselves on our ability to accurately replicate these distinctive elements, ensuring that the essence of history is beautifully preserved.

Find out how we recreate heritage elements like window hoods and roof profiles to a tee.

Step 1: Providing a sample of the original rainwater head

To begin the process, we require a physical sample of the original rainwater head.

While photographs offer some insight, they often fall short in capturing the intricate details.

By providing us with a sample, we can accurately measure and study its form, ensuring an authentic replication.

Step 2: Reverse engineering and fabrication

With the measurements and sample in hand, we enter the realm of re-engineering.

Using CAD software, we meticulously craft detailed drawings that allow us to break the design down into its individual components.

From here, we manufacture the components using waterjet cutting.

Step 3: Skilful assembly of the new rainwater head

The final stage involves the assembly of the rainwater head.

Our highly skilled team painstakingly bring together each component with traditional techniques such as joinery and soldering. This ensures an exact replication that faithfully captures the essence of the original rainwater head.

Choose Glegg Manufacturing for custom heritage rainwater heads

When it comes to custom heritage recreations, Glegg Manufacturing stands out in an industry that has witnessed an erosion of traditional skills, knowledge and capabilities.

Preserving the past is our passion, and we look forward to collaborating with you on your heritage project.

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