Reverse engineering and custom press tooling: how we replicate heritage profiles with precision

Reverse engineering and custom press tooling: how we replicate heritage profiles with precision.

Preserving the integrity of heritage buildings during maintenance or restoration requires more than a simple replication process. It demands innovative approaches to ensure accuracy and authenticity in every detail.

At Glegg Manufacturing, we take pride in our custom press tooling capabilities, enabling us to achieve remarkable results with roof profiles, window hoods, vents and other unique components in heritage building restorations

From the original heritage profile to replicated perfection

Our reverse engineering process begins with the original profile, a blueprint of the past. Using the original as a template, we produce custom tooling consisting of male and female componentry. These are referred to as punch and die respectively.

When pressed together, these components form the desired steel profile, bringing the replication to life.

Notable heritage restorations using custom press tooling

The success of custom press tooling  can be witnessed in various heritage restorations. From the Fijian church spire to the iconic Milton House and its Morewood and Rogers tiles, our expertise breathes new life into heritage buildings.

Replication of Milton House’s Morewood and Rogers tiles using custom press tooling

What customers need to consider during the replication process

We firmly believe custom tooling is essential in achieving accuracy and authenticity, but, it’s important to note that custom press tooling does come with certain considerations.

To ensure the most accurate outcome, we require as much information as possible and ideally an physical sample of the part to be replicated. Samples reveal intricacies and imperfections in the original, enabling us to adapt and deliver a finished product that is as accurate as possible.

Time is also a critical factor, as reproducing intricate details requires careful iterations and meticulous re-engineering, so these jobs can’t be rushed, we need time to make them perfect

Preserving heritage, one custom press tool at a time

At Glegg Manufacturing, we embrace the power of custom press tooling as a cornerstone of our heritage restoration projects.

With dedication and unparalleled expertise (we’ve been in the industry since the 1960’s!), we unlock the secrets of the past, replicating historical components to perfection.

Contact us today to get started in replicating your heritage profiles for an authentic restoration!

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