Custom Metal Fabrication Brisbane

Custom Metal Fabrication Brisbane

Nothing is too hard for the team at Glegg Manufacturing. We specialise in custom metal fabrication Brisbane and recently worked on a unique project.  

Whilst most of our work is for houses, we were recently approached by a major radio station to make a guest mike stand. While we won’t be belting out any tunes ourselves, this custom-made stand was the perfect opportunity to showcase our skills on a specialised project. 

Read on to find out how it was made or, if you’re looking for a custom made manufactured item for your home or workplace, call Glegg Manufacturing on 07 3205 1022 or enquire online here

Custom Metal Fabrication 

We were approached by one of Brisbane’s leading radio stations (you’ll have to guess who yourselves) to manufacture a working mike stand to be used by guests. 

This could potentially become a larger project for our team because if this design takes off, they could order more for their syndicate radio stations. 

Feedback we have received indicates our clients were very happy with the finished results.  

And for us this is an amazing project, knowing that a guest mike stand at a leading radio station has the potential for world famous recording artists to have their hands all over it. We are a bit star struck with the thought of our brush with fame. 

Metal Fabrication Process 

We were given a brief of what was required and then designed a mike stand to the best of our capabilities. 

We used a mild steel product for the project, sourcing the material locally from one of our suppliers. 

It took about 2-3 weeks to complete as there were a few stages involved. Australian Water Jet Cutting were required to cut the holes first. Glegg Manufacturing then needed to fold it and we sent it out to our powder coater to do the colour. 

Custom Metal Fabrication Brisbane 

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