Custom Roof Vent Brisbane

Custom Roof Vent Brisbane

It may only be one piece of an overall project, but our latest task of creating a custom roof vent Brisbane for a client’s home was quite an accomplishment. 

At Glegg Manufacturing we know even the little details can make a big difference on any project. 

We pride ourselves on being able to match original profiles to help our clients retain the 19th-20th century original look on heritage listed properties. 

If you require a custom manufactured piece for a heritage listed property, call Glegg Manufacturing on 07 3205 1022 or enquire online here to see how we can help. 

Designing a Custom Roof Vent 

We were required to match the design of an existing heritage listed vent from an old-style Queenslander home for our recent project. The whole house was being refurbished and the vent was required for the rooftop. 

We made the vent for a builder who was undertaking the refurbishment on this heritage listed home in Brisbane. 

Due to the nature of the home – being heritage listed – we had to use a product called Z600 galvanised. We supplied the material and also had the assistance of Australian Waterjet Cutting as there were a number of parts that had to be accurately cut out. 

It was a painstaking process to create the vent. It took about eight weeks to make it and then about another week for it to be painted. 

Heritage Roof Vent 

Although it took some time to finish the vent, it was well worth it. We know the vent will be happily sitting on top of a heritage listed house with the best views of Brisbane City and the river. 

Not only are we happy with the final result but so is the client. They couldn’t believe we were able to match the vent in such detail. 

Custom Roof Vent Brisbane 

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