Sheet Metal Fabrication Brendale

Sheet Metal Fabrication Brendale

If you are looking to create unique sheet metal fabrication Brendale, Glenn Manufacturing can help.  

We have 40 years of experience behind us in creating solutions for people in the building industry, mining, motor racing, aviation, public artworks and even the manufacture of one-off prototypes. 

Keep reading to find out how we created a custom-made look like fish scales for a project on an old Queenslander. Or get in contact with the friendly team at Glegg Manufacturing today on 07 3205 1022 or enquire online here to see how we can make your dream come to life. 

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication 

While it may sound a bit different, our projects are usually part of something bigger – house and building renovations or refurbishments. 

We often get asked to create unusual and different designs, which we are more than happy to give it a try. Our recent customer was chasing a unique look of something they had seen overseas. 

They were remodelling their old style Queenslander home and wanting to create the fish scale look on a steeple feature. 

Sheet Metal Process 

Glegg Manufacturing designed the whole concept for this client. With the design process and the tooling that was required, along with samples, it was about a four-month process to finish. The actual manufacturing took two days. 

We supplied and used a product called Z600 galvanized material for the project. We had to use a material that is easy to form and needed to be soldiered as well. 

The project was completed in conjunction with Australian Waterjet Cutting who assisted with the cut out the shapes of the scales before they were pressed. 

It was an interesting design and look the customer was going for, and they couldn’t have been more impressed with the outcome which is a great result for us. 

Sheet Metal Fabrication Brendale 

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