Heritage Home Roof Vent Recreation

Heritage Home Roof Vent Recreation

When it’s time to breathe new life into your heritage home’s roof vent, Glegg Manufacturing is the trusted team to talk to.  

We understand that heritage-listed homes deserve care and attention to preserve their charm and character for years to come. 

So, when you enlist our experienced team to recreate your ventilator, we do our utmost to have it looking as close to the original as possible.  

Our attention to detail is second to none and we take great care in hand crafting each piece of your new roof ventilator. Historic photos are also helpful when trying to pinpoint details which may have been lost over time.  

In this blog we share a roof vent project we completed for a Brisbane heritage listed home. If you’d like to discuss a bespoke project, contact our team on (07) 3205 1022.  

Heritage Houses Brisbane: Ventilators  

Glegg Manufacturing is proud to have manufactured many tributes to original vents for heritage listed homes, including this ventilator for a property in the Brisbane suburb of Hamilton.  

The original roof vent was crafted in the late 1800s and our team invested many months meticulously recreating it by hand from galvanised iron. (Using the same gauge, .63 Total Coated Thickness, z600 galvanished iron, which matches the original queens head galvanised iron.) 

Our bespoke manufacturing processes ensure that no detail was missed and that the new vent was true to the period of the home, as well as being something Robert Boyle (a famous scientist known for his air pump experiment) would be proud of.   

 Here’s an insight into how we reconstructed the vent:   

  1. Old roof vent was pulled off the roof and taken to our workshop 
  1. It was completely disassembled 
  1. We remanufactured each piece from the bottom up to ensure it was truly identical, including the 2 spires on top 
  1. We hand make all vents and slates and fitted them into the openings 

Antique Roof Vents: Our Recreation Process 

We are enormously proud of the work we do helping restore heritage homes. Here’s what you can expect working with us:  

Step 1: We’ll discuss your heritage listed project such as a ventilator recreation.  

Step 2: Provide the original vent to us, either by bringing it to our Strathpine factory, or we can collect it from you. We’ll provide a quote for the recreation at this point.  

Step 3: Once we’ve got the original, we can measure it and create an identical model out of your desired material – including stainless steel, copper, lead and galvanised iron.  If there is no existing template, we will do bespoke work to create the exact profile.  

Step 4: When your ventilator is finished, it can be collected from our factory or delivered back to site in preparation for installation.  

Heritage Home Roof Vent Recreation 

Glegg Manufacturing has been in the industry since 1969, and as we’ve been recreating heritage vents and roof details for heritage-listed buildings in Queensland for decades we’ve worked closely with architects as well as the Queensland Heritage Trust. 

We are known in the industry for our work on heritage listed properties and have extensive knowledge of the guidelines to help ensure these beautiful properties retain their unique charm and character.  

Ready to talk to us about your roof vent recreation? Call (07) 3205 1022 today or enquire online here. 

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With hundreds of satisfied clients, our expert experience, advice, and quality source materials to get your project produced as effectively and cost efficiently as possible. Call Glegg Manufacturing on 07 3205 1022 or enquire online here.