Custom Metal Privacy Screening Brisbane

Custom Metal Privacy Screening Brisbane

Whether for your yard, apartment or as an indoor separator, custom metal privacy screening Brisbane can help keep prying eyes out of your space.

Whether you need something vintage to match a heritage design or a modern appearance for new construction, we have the experience and the tools to create your dream look.

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Metal Privacy Screen Options

At Glegg manufacturing we have experience in creating privacy screens you won’t see anywhere else.

We are able to bend and work the metal into unique shapes, so you aren’t limited to a flat cut out design you’ve seen in off the shelf privacy screens.

We can turn a range of materials into a screen including mild steel, colour bond, and aluminium. The material can also be painted or powder coated in our desired colour.

We have experience creating screens for anyone from private residents all the way to apartment buildings and as part of architectural designs.

Everything is made to your requirements so the sky’s the limit when it comes to customisation.

Why choose Glegg Manufacturing for Privacy Screening?

Locally owned – Glegg Manufacturing has international experience, but our specialty and passion is the Brisbane area. We have an in-depth knowledge of what will suit your area, home style and budget and the tools to make that a reality.

High-quality materials – We only use materials we stand behind, and we work with you and your budget to create your ideal solution.

You deal directly with us – When working through your design, you can work directly with the manufacturers, not through middlemen who don’t understand the tools.

Specialist knowledge – We have worked on the fabrication of custom roof accessories for over 4 decades and have experience with almost anything you can bring to us.

Custom Metal Privacy Screening Brisbane

If you are ready to add a degree of privacy to your apartment or construction project, Glegg Manufacturing can help you find the right design for your building.

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