Roof Flashing Brisbane

Roof Flashing Brisbane

To keep your house secure and looking it’s best, you need roof flashing Brisbane. Whether it’s for a heritage home or custom roof flashing, Glegg Manufacturing is the premier supplier and can help with your needs.

We have matched flashings for homes, business and large government clients and the one thing they all have in common is how happy they are with our service.

Read on to find out about roof flashing for your home or give the friendly team at Glegg a call on 07 3205 1022 or enquire online here.

Roof Flashing Design

At Glegg we have the knowledge and experience to match any existing designs, even if it is just from a photo. Our team can handcraft products using our on-hand machinery. Due to this technology, we don’t have any restrictions like other business may have with their machines.

We have had clients come to us with a photo of what the home once looked like, and even though no heritage pieces remained that we could measure or copy, our team was able to accurately reproduce the item from the photo.

We also have the experience to get this work done in a huge range of materials from the common to the obscure and can pair this with an extensive range of finishing’s.

How to Prepare for a New Design

If you’re ready to have a design custom made for you, there are a few simple things you can do to ensure we produce the best and most accurate design;

  • Context photos – Take photos of the overall roof and guttering so we have an idea of the context of the items that need to be matched.
  • Detail photographs – Take photos of the product from multiple angles, top-down, a side profile and ideally with a ruler to show scale.
  • Take measurements – Measure the distance between the major structures and provide them to us. The more measurements you can take the better job we can do matching the existing design.
  • Provide samples – If possible, the best solution is to take a sample down and provide it to us and let us do the measuring and copying.

Custom Roof Flashings Brisbane Northside

Glegg Manufacturing can help with your next project, whether you need window hoods, roof flashing or sheeting from existing common patterns or your custom work.

To find out more, call Glegg Manufacturing on 07 3205 1022 or enquire online here.

Glegg Manufacturing is a high quality producer of Custom fabrication, General Sheet metal work  or Heritage listed matching or fabrication.

Offering friendly service, quality materials, great rates and industry knowledge like no others – we’re a fabrication team that cares about our product who goes above and beyond on every job.

With hundreds of satisfied clients, our expert experience, advice, and quality source materials to get your project produced as effectively and cost efficiently as possible. Call Glegg Manufacturing on 07 3205 1022 or enquire online here.