SMOOTHCLAD – Smooth Metal Cladding

Smoothclad - Smooth Metal Cladding

If you have been struggling to find a cladding product that balances looks, ease of installation and value for money, Smoothclad by Glegg Manufacturing is new smooth metal cladding guaranteed to impress..

Smoothclad is custom made in house and can be varied by materials and design depending on your requirements while maintaining the interlocking functionality that makes installation a breeze.

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Introducing Smoothclad

Smoothclad is a custom design product that can be made to suit any application which means we can make your dream look come to life.

Some of the requirements this product can have is;

  • various pan widths
  • various rib heights
  • wide range of panel sheet widths
  • flexible panel lengths

Popular applications

The smooth metal cladding is a modern looking product that has a number of applications from a shed wall to cladding on a building façade. Smoothclad’s wide range of designs and colour options makes it the ideal cladding that you must have on your next building project.

If you require an option for a more industrial area, ask us about the ability to vary the materials it is manufactured from to give your structure a layer of additional protection.

Features/Benefits List:

  • Flexibility in the design of the profile that you require, we can make exactly what you want.
  • Each panel interlocks together and is easy to install which can significantly decrease the time spent in the construction phase of a project.
  • There’s a large range of colours and materials available to suit your exact requirements.

SMOOTHCLAD – Smooth Metal Cladding

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