Steel Fabrication North Brisbane

Steel Fabrication North Brisbane

Glegg Manufacturing has been providing steel fabrication in North Brisbane for decades and we can use our tools, knowledge and experience to get your job done too.

We are proud to take the guesswork out of fabrication, we have built everything from civil projects to racing components and can use our experience to help you too.

Call Glegg Manufacturing on 07 3205 1022 or enquire online here.

Heritage Steel Matching

With the skilled staff and machinery on hand, we are able to fabricate items from apron flashings, sumps and rain heads right through to your heritage style hand rolled and soldered galvanized roof ventilators.

Our small team is a wealth of experience in the manufacturing industry, our staff experience from 10 years through to 50 years in the sheet metal industry.

While we have the tools and machines to assist our team, a lot of the heritage items that we specialize in or manufacture are handmade as no machine is able to replicate the look and quality of the item that is achieved when it is manufactured by hand.

We are a family owned and run business and have been around since 1969. With the knowledge that our staff have, we can exceed the expectations on your next fabrication project.

3 Tips for Picking an Expert

  • Are they Brisbane based? – We have worked on projects from the Stanwell Power Station to Expo ‘88 and are a part of the fabric of Brisbane
  • Do they have the equipment? – We have options to fabricate with almost any materials you could imagine and the tools to transform them
  • Can they scale to your needs? – With the capacity to produce over 100 tons of steel every month, we can help with a one-off solution or scale up to huge quantities depending on what you require

Steel Fabrication North Brisbane

If you are seeking steel fabrication for your heritage project to match an existing item, the design and fabrication of new components or you have something else in mind, get in touch today and find out just how much we can do!

Give Glegg Manufacturing a call on 07 3205 1022 or enquire online here.

Glegg Manufacturing is a high quality producer of Custom fabrication, General Sheet metal work  or Heritage listed matching or fabrication.

Offering friendly service, quality materials, great rates and industry knowledge like no others – we’re a fabrication team that cares about our product who goes above and beyond on every job.

With hundreds of satisfied clients, our expert experience, advice, and quality source materials to get your project produced as effectively and cost efficiently as possible. Call Glegg Manufacturing on 07 3205 1022 or enquire online here.