Recreating the unobtainable: Milton House heritage building restoration project (we matched an out-of-production profile exactly!)

Milton House: restoring one of Brisbane's oldest building and replicating an out-of-production profile

Our state’s heritage buildings are more than mere structures; they represent the unique charm of Queensland’s past. At Glegg Manufacturing, we are proud to be part of maintaining  and restoring heritage-listed buildings, so future generations can appreciate and cherish them just as we do today.

Restoring the historic and heritage listed Milton House

Our recent endeavour, the restoration of Milton House, epitomises our commitment to preserving these historical gems. We undertook the task of breathing new life into this iconic landmark, adhering to the strict heritage department, site, and design requirements that form the backbone of our work.

Our aim was clear: to restore Milton House to its former glory, exactly as it should be, so that even in 50 or 100 years, nobody will doubt the authenticity of its original beauty.

Custom orb Z600 galvanised steel

For authentic replications that stand the test of time, there is no substitute for the exceptional quality of 0.63 TCT Z600. And it’s why at Glegg Manufacturing we use Z600, exclusively

For more information about Z600 and its benefits, click here!

Replicating the Morewood and Rogers roofing profile

Morewood and Rogers tiles have been absent from production lines for decades. However, armed with the original profile, we were able to remanufacture the iconic profile exactly.

Achieving the level of authenticity we strive for required a time-consuming process spanning three weeks of production.

To replicate the tiles exactly, we developed specialised tooling to press their signature ribs into the Z600 material. While this may be considered “above and beyond” by some, it is a common practice in the Glegg Manufacturing workshop.

Just as we did for the Palma Rosa, we spared no effort in ensuring that every minute detail was faithfully restored.

We don’t settle for “good enough”; our aim is to make the restoration indistinguishable from the original.

Before and after of the Morewood and Rogers profile. Identical in every way just new!

We manufactured the tiles and more!

Not only did we remanufacture the Morewood and Rogers tiles to match the original profile, but we also meticulously matched the gutter, ridgecapping, and rainwater heads to ther exact specifications required.

Metal manufacturing Brisbane for heritage restoration materials

From the meticulous replication of the out-of-production profile to the highest quality materials, our dedication to protecting the historic integrity of some of Queensland’s oldest (and most beautiful) buildings is evident in every project we undertake.

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